Why support teachers

Teaching can be the most rewarding of jobs. But it comes with great challenges and the teaching profession as a whole is under more strain than ever. 

Education Support Partnership is the charity for everyone working in education.  And although we are here to help, not enough people working in education know they can turn to us if they need to.


What can you do?

At our recent comedy night, the comedians shared why they value teachers and how they might have made their teachers #laughorcry!

Please share these short films below with your colleagues, friends and family to let them know that Education Support Partnership is here to support everyone working in education.


Watch comedians share why they value teachers and how they might have made their teachers #laughorcry!

(These videos are by comedians themselves told in their own words and reflecting their views. We hope you take them in the spirit of humour that they are intended.)


When a teacher has had a tough day or week or month, there’s help available.  They can call a free and confidential helpline on 08000 562561 to talk things through with a trained counsellor.  They can also access financial assistance.

Last year our helpline took over 8,500 calls and received over 650 grant applications.

Please share the resources below with your local schools, colleges and universities.  That way teachers will have the contact details to hand should they ever need them.

Helpline wallet card

Handy wallet card featuring the helpline number.

Download >

Helpline poster

A3 sized poster about our confidential helpline. Great to put up in the staffroom or loo door!

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Handling stress

In our latest Health Survey, 77% of teachers said they had suffered from stress. In response we have put together these practical tips.

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Grappling with work-life balance

Work-life balance is something that is often spoken about in the education sector, but is  difficult to achieve. Our guide is here to help.

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Applauding teachers! 

Check out some of these messages from comedians and fellow teachers. 
(Images courtesy of Natalie Martins/NDC Photography and Magneto Films) 


Social media messages

Share your message for teachers on @edsupportuk using #laughorcry.  If you’re brave enough, share something you did which may have made a teacher of yours #laughorcry…