Comedians share why they value teachers and how they might have made their teachers #laughorcry! You can also watch them tell you in their own words in these short films

Rob Rouse

Jo D'Arcy

“As a former teacher, I know a sense of humour is pretty essential to get through the day. Teaching is a great, but tough, job and the stresses and strains are immense. For many the pressures are getting too much and yet if we don’t look after teachers, who will look after their students? I’m so pleased to give my support so that Education Support Partnership can help more.”

Kerry Godliman

“I’ve got kids and know what a hard job teachers have got. It’s no surprise it’s one of the hardest jobs out there.” 

Hal Cruttenden

“I’m delighted to support this amazing charity. Teaching may have its funny moments but it’s a tough job that is only getting harder. Let’s show our support for all those working in education and share some laughter for an important cause.”


Angela Barnes

“I had plenty of laughs at school but what a tough job our teachers have. Let’s help Education Support Partnership make sure our teachers get the help they need, when they need it.”

Applauding teachers!

Check out some of these messages from comedians and fellow teachers. 
(Images courtesy of Natalie Martins/NDC Photography and Magneto Films) 


Social media messages

Share your message of support for teachers on @edsupportuk  using #laughorcry.  If you’re brave enough, share something you did which may have made a teacher of yours laugh or cry…